Noodles are now a basic part of cuisines across the world, but unfortunately, they are often not exactly the healthiest part of a meal — they are often high in carbs and calories, and are usually made from grains like wheat flour. As it turns out though, there are many alternatives to those conventional noodles, so we put together this guide to help you evaluate your options in one place. Try a few of them out as substitutes in your favorite dishes!

Here's how we've categorized the options:

Many of these noodles are actually traditional in Asia, but aren't as well known here. You can read more about their culinary uses in The Cook's Thesaurus. Serving sizes vary, so be sure to actually measure how much you eat if you want to get an exact count for the nutrition information.

The standard italian spaghetti is made from flour, but a few companies are experimenting with different ways of emulating the texture and taste without flour/gluten. Most options are still relatively high in carbs, however.